"SNORE NO MORE" Marjoram Blend Aroma Jar

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All natural high quality pure therapeutic grade marjoram essential oils blend promotes a deeper more rested sleep that will help reduce or stop snoring.  This product is ideal for the insomniac. 

Canadian hand made in small batch production with oils that are certified Vegan and Kosher. Free of Parabens.

Directions: Open the jar and inhale 4 or 5 deep breaths, leave the jar open on your bedside table allowing the aroma to fill the room. Place the jar on a plate to protect your furniture in the event of a spill. Close in the morning. Use consistently to benefit from the full effects.

·        Opens sinus passages to help breathe deeper and easier
·        Helps with sinus conditions, colds, exhaustion and stress
·        Increases feelings of calmness and serenity to go to sleep easier

·        Helps to sleep deeper and stay asleep 


Oils come in a 100ml/4 oz jar and are on a hypo-allergenic sponge. Shake occasionally.


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