"SNORE NO MORE" Marjoram Blend Aroma Jar

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Snoring occurs when an obstruction is formed in the back of your throat by relaxed your tongue, soft palate, and uvula that vibrates as you breathe giving way to that resonating noise so many of us know. 

Snoring can be caused by a number of factors including age, obesity, alcohol consumption, stuffed nasal passages, dehydration before bed and sleep apnea.

Snoring can lead to a restless sleep for both the snorer and anyone in earshot. An ongoing lack of proper sleep can lead to grumpiness and headaches in the short term and weight gain, depression, accelerated aging, digestive issues and brain damage in the long term making it important to address the issue.

Dyanna Dreams Snore No More Marjoram Essential Oil Blend is an effective means of reducing or stopping snoring. The aroma from the jar will fill a 300 square foot room. As you breathe it in, it will open airway passages, add muscle tone to the throat area and takes away obstruction. Most common snorers will stop snoring within a couple of nights however it may take up to six weeks to be fully effective. Each person reacts to any given essential oils differently and it may take longer for some than other, so be consistent and persistent!

Marjoram plant is a member of the mint family and a cousin of oregano. It is widely grown in the Mediterranean. Effectively used as a remedy for a wide range of conditions including sinus conditions, colds, exhaustion, and stress. It can help you to feel calm, go to sleep, sleep deeper and stay asleep. It also works as a natural analgesic, antiseptic, antiviral, antibacterial and expectorant.

Directions: Open the jar and inhale 4 or 5 deep breaths, leave the jar open on your bedside table allowing the aroma to fill the room. Place the jar on a plate to protect your furniture in the event of a spill. Close in the morning.

If you use a CPAP machine, take follow the directions above, then place the opened jar near the intake valve of the machine. To further enhance the effects of Snore No More, you may put a little just under your nose for a more intense dose. Test on your hand for sensitivity first.

Free of parabens, it is also certified vegan and kosher.  

Oils come in a 100 ml/4 oz jar and are on a hypo-allergenic sponge. Shake occasionally.

Do not use if pregnant 

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