Our pain management products offer you an alternative or complement to more modern medicines based on traditional healing, they are full of essential oils, natural and free from harmful chemicals. It is well established and widely believed that traditional healing is safe and effective. They have documented uses as far back as the ancient Egyptians. 

An amazing product we have developed uses Elemi, which may well have been one of the first essential oils used by the Egyptians. Made from a large tree that originated in the Philippines, it has a long history of use as antiseptic, healing scars, wounds, daily skin care as well as for broken bones to prevent rheumatoid and arthritic pain later. 

One of the added benefits of our Achy Muscle Spray is it helps to open airways making it easier to breathe as it temporarily clears chest and sinus congestion.

As with any new treatment, exercise caution and consult your health practitioner before use.



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