Dyanna Dreams is committed to bringing a comfortable and rewarding night’s sleep. With that in mind, we are pleased to offer a selection of pillows to meet the needs of even the most restless of sleepers whether you are a front, back or side sleeper. 

Our cooling gel pillows are made from high quality memory foam which reacts to pressure and temperature causing it to mold and conform to your head, neck, shoulders, ears and any other body part in which it comes into contact.The cooling blue gel pad attached absorbs heat from your body while you sleep keeping you cool.

Our bamboo covered pillows are cool, breathable and extremely comfortable.  They are great for side sleepers. The outer shell is a blended bamboo fabric that is washable while inside is a memory foam shred. 

Our organic cotton pillow is amazing! Cotton, a breathable fabric, is coupled with a  gel infused poly-fill that keeps you remarkable cool. Soft and pliable, an all round extraordinary pillow!

Soon, we will have Buckwheat pillows that are cool, breathable, and conform to your body for amazing sleep. 

We are confident we have a pillow to suit you.



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