The Dead Sea, a lake which borders on Israel and Jordan, is rich in mineralized salts which make floating in it extremely easy. With its breath taking beauty, its shore is so far below sea level it is the earth’s lowest elevation on land.  Due to the high salt content in the water, no plants or animals can survive, hence the name – The Dead Sea. 

The Dead Sea has long been an attraction for people to nourish their skin, restore balance and rejuvenation. It is believed that not only does it help your skin; it also helps with the internal process as well. 

There are over 21 different minerals in Dead Sea Salt each one with its own healing traits. The main ones are:

Magnesium aids in healing the skin quickly by speeding up metabolism. It also soothes damaged skin and protects it from allergens.

Bromide, in addition to soothing skin, calms nerves, reduces cramping and is relaxing.

Sulfur is a detoxifying agent resulting in purified looking skin.

Potassium, necessary for the nervous system, can reduce water retention in cells, puffy skin and nourish the cells and provide a moisture balance.

Calcium is excellent for its anti-aging properties but also offers skin cancer protection, helps keep skin hydrated and strengthens cells.

Sodium aids in relieving muscle stiffness and cramps and detoxifies while helping skin cells stay nourished and exfoliates.

Zinc is well known to prevent against sunburn and heal skin.

With these powerful minerals combined, Dead Sea salt can help with acne, psoriasis, dandruff, eczema, soothe skin irritations, calm skin allergies, promote hair growth.




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