Dyanna Dreams offers a full line of Canadian made mattresses manufactured in a small, family-run factory with time and care put into each and every mattress as it is produced ensuring quality in the making.

In fact, all raw materials, such as coils, foam, and fibers, are from Ontario manufacturers. 

Our mattresses come with bamboo or organic cotton quilted tops making them breathable, anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic. The mattresses are designed to provide excellent support and relieve pressure points giving you a great night's sleep.   

Custom mattresses can be made to accommodate your needs. We can custom make mattresses for antique beds, odd sizes, home, cottage, boats and RV's. 

Our mattress prices start as low as $199.00

In addition, we now have a mattress in a box! This luxurious 10" foam mattress can be delivered straight to your door. Simply open the box, cut the plastic and watch as the mattress inflates to its full size. 



Please call or email for pricing.  


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